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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Trimspa Review


If you’ve heard of Trimspa, it’s probably connected in your memory with Anna Nicole Smith. The late model became the face of this diet pill after losing nearly 70 pounds while using it. She took the maximum six-pill-per-day dose and garnered more commercials and television appearances than ever before.

But being connected with someone famous isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to diet pills—in fact, it hardly matters at all. To really give Trimspa a thorough review, we need to look at the ingredients and any side effects it may have.

If you want the truth about Trimspa beyond the icon of Anna Nicole Smith, keep reading.

Trimspa Formula and History

Trimspa now contains a number of popular ingredients including chromium, glucomannan, green tea extract, and citrus naringen. They also post a number of testimonials with full front and back pictures from a 12 week challenge posted in 2006.

While Trimspa had a walking testimonial, in January of 2007, they were sanctioned by the FTC for making unsubstantiated claims. They also used ephedra in the past, which we find is the mark of a company who does not do their research. They often use dangerous or useless ingredients, because they are popular. They don’t do their homework, and as in 2002 with the ban of ephedra, they pay the price. In this case, they say they use hoodia gordonii. But hoodia is sold at an exponentially higher rate than it is actually harvested. So considering their track record and the rarity of the real thing, it is highly unlikely that they actually have the real thing. More likely, it is just another likely useless imitation.

They also use a proprietary blend, which is common in today’s industry. But it’s basically a fancy way of telling you they are not going to tell you exactly what is in the mix. And with a 667.5mg proprietary blend and 8 ingredients, there is no way for them to provide an adequate amount of any of the ingredients used to make a difference in weight loss. They seem to use a large amount of stimulants, which is common among cheap products, and has been known to cause multiple negative side effects to many users.

Trimspa Side Effects

As previously explained, Trimspa no longer lists their ingredients individually, but rather uses a proprietary blend, making it difficult to estimate side effects. However, it’s possible to deduces that Trimspa’s inclusion of green tea and caffeine may combine to cause anxiety, insomnia, the jitters, heart palpitations, and general restlessness.

Hoodia has also been shown to cause upset stomach and even liver toxicity in addition to being ineffective.

Overall Impression of Trimspa

Trimspa has a history of dishonesty and laziness, which led to the ban of their main ingredient in 2002 and being sanctioned by the FDA in 2007. They don’t have a worthwhile mix of ingredients, and they claim to use an ingredient it is virtually impossible for them to actually have. Though it has been heavily marketed on TV, it is often wise not to trust products “as seen on TV.”

We recommend you look elsewhere for more substance and less flash in your weight loss aid.

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