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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

truDERMA DermaSlim Review

truDERMA DermaSlim

truDERMA DermaSlim is a relatively recently introduced external treatment for your cellulite problems meant to reduce and fight cellulite now while fighting and preventing future cellulite at the same time. truDERMA DermaSlim supposedly tones and firms the skin, getting rid of the cottage cheese look that even the most dedicated athletes have come to dread. truDERMA DermaSlim uses natural ingredients that it claims will also improve healthy skin, burning fat on contact. truDERMA DermaSlim must have some amazing ingredients, or so you would think.

Cellulite Burning Ingredients in truDERMA DermaSlim

truDERMA DermaSlim uses a blend of ingredients that so far as we can tell does not include a single clinically tested cellulite treatment. We would like to be optimistic, but in this case, we don’t know how. truDERMA DermaSlim does not have coffee bean extract, which is basic and cheap, nor does it have some of the newly developed chemically based cellulite fighters that have only appeared within the past few years.

What Does truDERMA DermaSlim Have?

Instead, truDERMA DermaSlim uses moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, which has also been used to cushion skin to prevent premature aging and other unnecessary skin damage. However, cushioning the skin does not necessarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, burn fat, or prevent future cellulite problems.

Other ingredients in truDERMA DermaSlim are primarily meant to be used as preservatives, which is fine. After all, these preservatives are used in just about every skin treatment and even diet supplement. However, some of the preservatives in truDERMA DermaSlim are best known for contributing to redness, irritation, peeling, and skin dermatitis. None of these ingredients have ever been used to directly fight cellulite.

Why You Might Use truDERMA DermaSlim

truDERMA DermaSlim has excellent methods of advertising, and because there is no pill that can fight cellulite (not even if it has coffee bean, which can fight cellulite when used externally), it is essential for many of us to find an external cellulite treatment to fight thin layers of fat right below the skin. However, many of the most effective cellulite fighters can be mixed up in the comfort of your own home.

truDERMA DermaSlim does not have any of the more developed treatments for cellulite or any of the more basic options such as coffee scrubs. It might make a fair moisturizer, which we acknowledge is extremely overpriced at $49.99, but that’s about it.

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