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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

uLean Topical Patches Review

uLean Topical Patch

Losing weight can be difficult, and so can taking hard-to-swallow pills, even if they’ll help you lose weight. Knowing this, I was curious about other options. Then I heard of uLean Topical Patches, which is an adhesive patch, not a pill. This piqued my interest to learn more.

After searching extensively through reliable sources, here’s what I found.

What are uLean Topical Patches?

uLean Topical Patches are also sold as the uLean Weight Management Kit. This kit includes 30 patches, a meal plan, and an exercise guide. I found this combination impressive. The meal plan and exercise guide can help maximize weight loss results.

An adhesive patch applied to the skin, uLean Topical Patches release all-natural ingredients to help you lose unwanted weight.

What’s In the Sauce?

There are two ingredients listed on the packaging for uLean Topical Patches, they are:

Raspberry Ketone (100.00 mg). Raspberry ketone is the primary aromatic compound found in red raspberries. It regulates the protein adiponectin, which in turn regulates metabolism. Raspberry ketone also breaks up the fat within cells and turns it into energy.
Green Coffee (400.00 mg). Green coffee extract has amazing weight loss properties that will reduce dietary fat absorption, increase metabolism, and burn fat with thermogenic technology.

Will uLean Topical Patch Cause Any Side Effects or Harm?

There has been limited research on the two main ingredients in uLean Topical Patches. Both are said to have little to no side-effects.

Yet, according to, “There are some concerns about the safety of raspberry ketone because it is chemically related to a stimulant called synephrine. Therefore, it is possible that raspberry ketone might cause feelings of jitteriness, increase blood pressure, or rapid heartbeat. In one report, someone who took raspberry ketone described feelings of being shaky and a pounding heartbeat.” [1]

I found this to be the only negative response about raspberry ketone.

On WebMD Health News, Kathleen Doheny wrote about a study performed by Joe Vinson, PhD, professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton. In this study he evaluated 16 overweight people who took a 700-milligram dose of green coffee bean supplement.

None of those who participated in the study reported any negative side effects. In fact, the results were all positive. The average weight loss was 17 pounds. [2]

How to Use uLean Topical Patches

It’s important to always read the directions and speak with your physician before using any weight loss product. uLean Tropical Patches are not recommended for women who are pregnant, nursing, or children 12 and younger.

Manufacturers also note that it’s important to not use it if you have any sensitivity to iodine.

For best results, apply the patch on a clean, hairless part of your upper body. One uLean Topical Patch lasts 24 hours.

Drink 8 glasses of water per day to flush toxins out of your body.

You can stop using uLean Topical Patches after 120 days, or after you’ve reached your weight loss goals.

According to manufacturers, utilizing the meal plan and exercise guide will produce maximum results. This will also create a healthy lifestyle to maintain long after you’ve lost the unwanted weight.


uLean Topical Patches are affordable. Here are a few places to purchase from:

• $44.99
• $32.99. With Gold Card Purchase: $26.39
• $32.99

Click here to buy uLean Patches for $44.99.

Customer Service

I had a few questions about the uLen Topical Patches formula. I emailed the company on two different occasions. I was impressed with how quickly they responded and answered the first email. With their quick response, they also gave me a code to receive 30% off my next order.

However, the second email was different. While going over the ingredients, I realized the only two listed are green coffee and raspberry ketone. Yet, it’s warned to not use the uLean Topical Patch if you’re sensitive to iodine. I emailed the company asking why, and if there was iodine in the patch along with any other ingredients not listed…I am still waiting for a response.

End Results

After extensively researching uLean Topical Patches, for the most part, I’m impressed. I appreciated the additional meal plan and exercise guide included to assist in weight loss.

The ingredients they list have proven to work. And it’s always a plus not to take a pill and use a convenient patch instead.

My only concern would be the ingredient profile. Especially since my email was not answered, I have to wonder if something is being hidden.

Despite the potential for hidden ingredients, overall I think uLean Topical Patches can help you lose weight and live a happy, healthy life.


[1] (2005-2012). Raspberry Ketone Side Effects & Safety. .

[2] Kathleen Doheny (2012). Green Coffee Beans May Aid Weight Loss Supplement Linked to Weight Loss in Small, Early Study. WebMD Health News.

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