The Best Weight Loss Tips That Work!
Lose 21 Pounds With Our Top 21 Weight Loss Tips has been working to help people find the most affordable and effective ways to lose weight since early 2005. During that time we have compiled a list of the best weight loss tips we could find. Below you will find 21 tips to help you shed those pounds even faster.

Tip #1

Eat Breakfast!!

We have been told our whole lives that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, yet somehow it is the most skipped meal. Not only does eating breakfast give you the energy to get your day started; but, recent studies have shown that your metabolism is significantly faster when you eat breakfast daily.

Tip #2

Dessert!! Once in a While…

While on a diet, sugar cravings and that piece of cake you never get can many times sabotage your efforts because once you start, it becomes hard to stop. That’s why seting aside a specific day every so often when you can have these treats will help you stay on track with your diet.

Tip #3

Drink Water!!

One of the biggest diet killers is not drinking enough water!! Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and most people don’t get enough to drink. Not only is water necessary for your body but it can also act as a free appetite supressant! Also, when your body is dehydrated it has a harder time digesting the food you eat.

Tip #4

Diet Journal…

Keeping a diet journal is a very important aspect of dieting. It provides a record so if you forget what you have eaten you can refer to it. And while dieting can get discouraging, keeping a journal helps remind you of the progress you’re making.

Tip #5

Cook Your Meals

Cooking can not only be a great weight loss tool but it can also help out any budget. When we eat out, we are not only having to guess at the nutritional content of the food we are eating, it also can get very expensive. By cooking the food you eat, you can know exactly what you are eating and if it fits in your diet or not.

Tip #6

Carb Timing

Carbohydrates are great, and they are found in just about every form of food. But there are entire diets based around the absence or extreme reduction of carbs. While an overload of carbs can be detrimental to a weight loss or diet plan, the right amount at the right time can actually help you lose the maximum amount of weight.

Tip #7

More Meals

I realize this may seem counterintuitive to some. But the fact is eating multiple small meals can help with weight loss. Instead of the usual 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, try 6 meals. It may even seem like an overload of food at first. But like a long distance runner, endure till the end.

Tip #8

Envision Your Triumph

To achieve a goal, you have to have a goal or an end result in mind. Otherwise, what are you doing? Many people find that it is easier to remember this if they have it written down or pictured somewhere they see all the time. I know people who literally tape a picture to their ceiling right above their bed with their goal written on it.

Tip #9

Cheat Days

Take a break every once in a while. While it’s not okay to cheat on tests or in other parts of school, it is okay in dieting. A cheat day provides motivation in hard weeks and a nice break in gentler weeks. It also prevents your body from getting settled into burning only a certain amount of calories per day.

Tip #10

Fat Beverages

Americans love fat, sugar loaded beverages. If you ever watch shows like intervention when they feature obese individuals, they always say “I don’t eat that much.” They drink their way to obesity. The FDA came out stating that “the average American takes in 82 grams of added sugars every day.” That is about 317 calories.

Tip #11

Take Your Time

My mom is always telling me to slow down, and yet I keep eating like a starving child. It has always been that way for some reason. As such, my stomach doesn’t have time to send the signals to my brain telling me I’m full until my stomach is so full it might burst. So try eating slowly, savoring the taste, and take the time to chew your food.

Tip #12

Discover Your Emotional Trigger

In studies conducted at George Washington University, people who were most successful in weight loss were motivated by an “emotional trigger”. It seems that when strong emotions such as shame, embarrassment, or fear were kindled in an individual, they were motivated to do the work and make that change.

Tip #13

Don’t Eat After 7 PM

Every body has a flow, a rhythm it follows to keep itself in balance. This applies to sleeping patterns, eating patterns, etc. Therefore, your body works differently at 9 in the morning than it does at 9 at night. The timing of your last meal varies depending on what time you go to bed, what time you wake up, etc. But in general, don’t eat after 7 PM.

Tip #14

Keep Up On Your Fiber

Fiber has been studied and developed into multiple forms to help suppress our appetites and moderate our food intake. Glucomannan is a form of fiber that has even been studied specifically as an appetite suppressant to supplement healthy weight loss. Fiber in general stays in our stomachs longer and maintains a feeling of fullness.

Tip #15

Make Realistic Goalsl

Goals are nice, but it seems most of us break them too early. So what does it take to avoid this cycle? First, write it down. It’s always easier to remember if it is written down so you can see it. Second, make it a challenge. If it is too easy, you will get bored. Third, make it realistic. Do not make unrealistic goals.

Tip #16

Everything In Moderation

Don’t completely cut anything out of your diet. In psychological terms, when you tell yourself you can’t have something, it makes the need for that one thing that much more intense. Fat and every other “unhealthy” thing are essential to the body and even healthy when taken in moderation. On some diet plans, you are given a day off.

Tip #17

Support and Competition

Competition is a good thing. It inspires us to do better. Without competition, we can lose our inspiration and motivation to strive harder and be stronger. But if you involve family or friends, you have that extra support of people pulling you back up when you fall, whether you want to be pulled up or not.

Tip #18

Learn To Love Soup

Alton Brown. He is the one and only man with his own show on the Food Network who is not overweight, which is crazy. He hosts “Good Eats” which basically means he goes around the world and eats at some of the most unhealthy restaurants for a living. So how does he do it? When he’s not working, he focuses on soups and salads.

Tip #19

It’s All About The Portions

I once read a book called “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano. While it may not be true that they never get fat, the French do have a significantly lower rate of obesity than do Americans. Guiliano’s focus was on … surprise — portion size! According to the USDA, the average caloric intake for Americans is now 2002 calories per day.

Tip #20

Focus on the Fat

We want to see that weight loss on the scale. The problem is when this weight consists of muscle mass or water. You may lose it quickly, but you can also gain it back quickly. Experts say you should expect to lose a maximum of 2 pounds per week with the right combination of diet, aerobics and weight lifting.

Tip #21

Eat The Calorie Burners

By calorie burners, I mean those foods which require your body to use more calories to burn than they actually contain unto themselves. These calorie burners are not so hard to find. There is an extensive list, which includes most fruits and vegetables. So help your body out a little and load up on these calorie burners.

Common Weight Loss Tip Question: Do Diet Pills Really Work?

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