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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

Wu Yi Tea Review

Wu Yi Tea

Wu Yi Tea apparently contains tea from Mount Wu Yi Shan, supposedly the “most fertile and mineral rich land you’ll find anywhere in China.” This is the only ingredient disclosed. They claim to have a 17 point test, but don’t detail that test. Again, though tea may provide some thermogenic effects, it’s not enough to counteract a bad diet and exercise plan or even an average one. And you can generally find the same basic tea in your local grocery store for about $2-$3.

Overall Impression of Wu Yi Tea:

Wu Yi Tea uses a lot of stereotypes and little actual facts. They are about the same as those claiming that Africans and Brazilians are skinny due to amazing miracle ingredients, not starvation or low grade diets. This tea is priced at more than 10X what it’s actually worth, and though they claim to set themselves apart from any other tea product, it has no basis in reality. They use a “free trial offer” program which basically means an expensive auto ship and a customer support team that won’t actually answer your calls or emails when you try to cancel. Really, no one can achieve extra weight loss with this supplement.

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