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Kimberly Tenner
November 29, 2019

ZendaSlim Review


If you’ve been attempting to lose weight for a while, you know it can be a frustrating process. Results are slow in coming and may not stick around. ZendaSlim manufacturers, however, say their product changes all that.

ZendaSlim is a new diet pill advertised to trigger lasting weight loss, with visible results in 10-14 days. With a 120-day money-back guarantee, it seems the manufacturers are pretty confident in their product.

Is that confidence warranted, however? Can ZendaSlim really deliver this level of results? To find out, I did a little more research into ZendaSlim and its manufacturers.

Who Makes ZendaSlim?

ZendaSlim’s origin is a bit of a mystery. Nowhere on the official website,, is the company mentioned. There is a phone number and a “Contact Us” form, but no information on who the manufacturers are or what else they’ve done in the weight loss world.

I researched the domain name to find out more, but came up empty again. is a site, which means whoever owns the site used a domain registrar to remain anonymous. Other client information was deleted or kept private.

I was able to determine that was registered on January 15, 2013, however, which means the product is very new indeed.

The only other mentions of ZendaSlim elsewhere online were on review sites that gave ZendaSlim unanimously positive ratings. These sites are likely owned by the same people that produced ZendaSlim, but the domain names for these sites are also registered through

In fact, the client information listed for the people who hired to register these domain names is also worth noting. Each site is registered to a different owner in cities throughout the U.S. However, their listed addresses aren’t real. Sometimes the house number doesn’t exist, but more often, the entire street doesn’t exist in the city listed with

This is definitely fishy. Companies that go to a lot of work to remain anonymous usually have a reason to do so. I won’t pass any premature judgments right now, but keep that in mind when you’re considering ZendaSlim.

What’s in ZendaSlim?

ZendaSlim isn’t quite as tight-lipped about its formula, but it still doesn’t tell the whole story. ZendaSlim highlights 9 key ingredients on its website with full descriptions of each, but doesn’t give us any information in ingredient quantities. Not only are individual ingredient amounts not listed, but we don’t even have a total per-serving amount for ZendaSlim.

This makes it impossible for me to judge whether or not manufacturers have included the recommended doses in ZendaSlim.

For now, however, I’ll settle for looking at the ingredients ZendaSlim chooses to highlight.

Green Coffee Bean

A favorite of popular television personality Dr. Oz, green coffee bean is a powerful weight loss stimulant. With 4 times the caffeine as black coffee bean, green coffee stimulates the central nervous system to boost metabolism and burn fat. These benefits were verified in a 2012 study when subjects taking green coffee lost an average 17 pounds in 12 weeks [1].

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is among the most popular weight loss ingredients. That’s because it boosts the immune system as well as delivers reliable weight loss. Like green coffee, green tea stimulates the central nervous system to create heat and raise the body’s internal temperature. This improves metabolism and increases caloric expenditure. In one study, green tea triggered a 30-pound weight loss in the average subject [2].

African Mango

Another Dr. Oz favorite, African mango is a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. Its high fiber content is its biggest weight loss advantage, however. By delaying gastric emptying, African mango keeps you feeling full. This makes it easier to create the caloric deficit you need to lose weight. In one study, African mango helped overweight men and women lose an average 28.1 pounds in 10 weeks [3].

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is often included as a flavoring agent, though it also lowers blood sugar by changing how foods absorb in the gut. In a 2009 study, apple cider vinegar also increased energy levels and decreased fat mass in Japanese subjects [4].


Diabetics often eat a grapefruit in the morning to control blood sugar levels. In doing so, grapefruit also controls appetite. In a 12-week study, subjects who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost .3 more pounds than subjects who did not [5]. However, these findings were not strongly correlated with grapefruit, and I think it’s unlikely that ZendaSlim contains the equivalent of 1 ½ grapefruits.


Caffeine is the weight loss power behind both green coffee and green tea, so it makes sense that it would trigger weight loss on its own as well. It works in much the same way as these ingredients to boost metabolism and fat burning. Caffeine also triggers greater energy production, which enhances your workouts. In a 1978 study, subjects that took caffeine before exercising were able to prolong their workout by 15 minutes [6].

Acai Berry

Acai berry took the world by storm a few years ago, but despite its high antioxidant levels, it doesn’t trigger weight loss. It can prevent obesity-related complications like heart disease, however [7]. And because it fights free radicals, it keeps you safe from the toxins released when fat is broken down.

Resveratrol Extract

Resveratrol is a chemical found in red wine. With high antioxidant content, resveratrol prevents obesity-related conditions like atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. There is even some evidence to suggest that resveratrol prevents cancer. As an anti-inflammatory, resveratrol may also decrease fat cell size. One study even suggests resveratrol may increase resting metabolic rate [8]. However, this isn’t a widely-accepted resveratrol benefit.


If an underactive thyroid is the cause of your weight loss woes, kelp may be able to help. Kelp is a natural source of iodine, which stimulates the thyroid and encourages a healthy metabolism. This helps increase caloric expenditure. However, these benefits haven’t been studied specifically for weight loss.

These are actually quality ingredients. I like that the majority have been scientifically-tested and proven for weight loss. However, without proper ingredient information, I can’t say that ZendaSlim will be effective.

Many diet pill companies use effective ingredients like these, but include them in miniscule amounts due to expense. This compromises potential effectiveness. And without unbiased reviews from real customers, we can’t be sure whether ZendaSlim falls into that category.

How Much Does ZendaSlim Cost?

Because ZendaSlim is a brand-new diet pill, right now it’s only available at There, you have a few different pricing options. These include:

• 1 bottle for $44.10
• 2 bottles for $98.10, plus 1 free bottle
• 3 bottles for $137.10, plus 3 free bottles

Each ZendaSlim bottle is intended to last a month, with 2 servings per day.

This isn’t a bad price for a diet pill, especially if you take advantage of the bulk offers. However, to really get the bang for your buck, ZendaSlim needs to be effective. And that’s something we just don’t know yet.

How Does the ZendaSlim Guarantee Work?

ZendaSlim heavily advertises its 120-day money-back guarantee on If you decide you don’t like ZendaSlim, you have 120 days to return your purchase to the sender. After your package is received, your money—minus shipping costs—will be returned within 30 days.
This seems like a great idea, but when you read the fine print, you’ll discover that ZendaSlim only accepts unused items. This doesn’t really help you try ZendaSlim risk-free.

And because there is no physical address given on with which to return orders, you’ll likely need to contact customer service to get the ball rolling. I tried contacting customer service myself, but didn’t receive an answer. I also tried filling out the “Contact Us” form, but despite promises of answering me within 2-4 hours, I was not answered.

Perhaps I just caught ZendaSlim at a bad time, but this experience makes me wary of ZendaSlim’s customer service and therefore distrustful of the company’s 120-day money-back guarantee.

Should You Give ZendaSlim a Try?

There isn’t enough information available on ZendaSlim to make me comfortable recommending it. It may be that this is a startup company that hasn’t devised a winning strategy to market its diet pill, but it isn’t worth risking your money on this chance.

If you’re interested in ZendaSlim, I’d recommend holding off until more information becomes available on this product. If positive reviews start to surface, ZendaSlim may be worth a try.


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Joy A. Harold Says:

I have change my mine please cancel my order, you have charged my account twice.

February 12, 2014 at 8:58 am

crashvitreous Says:

Joy, we can’t cancel this for you – we’re just a review site. This is a matter you should take up with ZendaSlim customer service.

March 3, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Destiny Says:

I did purchase the product and it took a while to get in but it did. I got three bottles but didn’t loose any weight what so ever and when I tried to contact them to get the money back I didn’t get a reply. I tried three times still no reply. But when I contacted them to say I didn’t get my order yet they answered me but I would never recommend anyone get this.

August 3, 2014 at 3:27 pm

Ana Says:

I used ZendaSlime for 5 months, when it was new (in 2014) and lost around 10 lbs per month how ever I gained all the weight back the moment i stopped taking them

February 18, 2017 at 2:28 pm

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