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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Zerona Lipo Laser Review

Zerona Lipo Laser

The name can be confusing. Zerona Lipo Laser is described as a “cold laser.” It is not technically “cold”, it does not provide a “freezing” effect. In fact, most reviewers say that they didn’t feel a thing at all. The reason why it is called a cold laser is because it does not emit heat that might burn your skin. Instead of burning fat (which requires heat), Zerona Lipo Laser typically promises to mobilize and remove fat from your trouble spots with an approach that is completely external.

Burning Fat From the Outside

To burn fat from the outside, all you need is a little heat. Whether you’re sitting in a sauna, body wrap, or undergoing hot laser treatments, it is that heat that increases your body temperature to burn more fat. However, Zerona Lipo Laser has eliminated that approach. Instead, it “liquefies” fat to allow it to leave the body of its own accord, which we find to be contradictory in and of itself.

We don’t need you to be a professional scientist to understand this. What happens to a cube of butter when you expose it to heat? It melts. What happens if you keep it at room temperature? It may soften, but it does not melt. Finally, what happens if you put it in the fridge, it becomes more solid. Ergo, you need heat to melt butter, which is very similar as it turns out to fat. Zerona Lipo Laser is specifically marketed as a non-heating laser… you understand where we’re going with this?

On a basic scientific level, it would literally be impossible to burn fat with the Zerona Lipo Laser as it is described. We don’t know that we need to say anything else.

Is Zerona Lipo Laser Safe?

While a non-heating laser may not be particularly effective, common sense would tell you that it is probably safer. It does not heat the skin, meaning that it probably won’t burn the skin. It does not use a cream or gel, so it probably won’t irritate the skin, and it does not require any cutting, it is completely non-invasive. There are no long term studies, but we think that our assumptions so far are pretty safe.

Is Zerona Lipo Laser Worth the Cost?

Any procedure conducted by a physician, nurse, or even master esthetician in a spa is going to cost you a pretty penny. Surgery costs you money and time away from work. On the other hand, you can go right back to work after a Zerona Lipo Laser procedure and make more money.

However, Zerona Lipo Laser treatments have an average cost of $3000, unless of course you want to go to China, where we hear they are providing a lot of free things to entice tourists to come visit. The machines may be knockoffs, but you could save thousands. At the cost of $3000, we would like to see something that is not just “FDA Cleared”, that tells us nothing about the results.

We would like to see a machine (and there are laser treatments that are) that is clinically proven and FDA approved. It’s one little word, cleared or approved, and yet it makes all the difference, and we know why it is that way. The complete lack of clinical studies makes it pretty obvious.

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