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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Zija Review


Zija’s weight management system is “designed to work with your body’s natural abilities.” This claim on the official website caught my eye because it suggests that Zija’s products work safely. With so many unsafe diet pills on the market, I wanted to know if Zija really does provide a safe alternative. Here’s what I found…

What Is Zija?

Zija is a multi-level marketing company. It develops nutritional, weight management, and skin care products using Moringa and other nutrients. Moringa is a pod-shaped plant filled with antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids.

Zija members pay a monthly fee. I couldn’t find the exact amount on Zija’s website. Members can waive the fee and collect bonuses by selling products and recruiting new members.

I am always suspect of multi-level marketing companies. It can be difficult to tell if the company uses its resources to make the best weight loss system it can, or to promote the multi-level marketing approach.

Can You Buy Zija Products?

You don’t have to be a member to buy Zija products. Simply visit and click “Buy Product” in the top right corner. The site says you can create an account or check out as a guest. Here are the prices:

• 1 Case of XM+ (32 sachets): $115.00
• 1 Case of SmartMix (32 sachets): $105.00
• XMam: $69.00
• XMpm: $69.00
• Premium Tea: $45.00

Zija products are also sold on and Be cautious about who you buy from. Many customers report getting scammed, misinformed, and overcharged.

The Weight Management System

XM+ Mix is an energy drink mix. It contains Moringa, caffeine, desert tea, green tea, fruit pectin, trimethylglycine, ginseng, allium sativum, and natural flavors.

SmartMix is a drink mix containing the purest form of Moringa.

You may have heard about XM3. Well, it’s now called XMam. This product has Moringa, Dutch cocoa powder, and geranium. It should reduce cravings and increase metabolism.

XMpm is the new, non-stimulant version of XM3. XMpm contains Moringa, sea kelp, ashwagandha, and gymnema sylvestre. It is supposed to eliminate stress, suppress hunger, and promote relaxation.

Premium Tea combines Moringa, senna, buckthorn, frang, peppermint, stevia, uva ursi, orange peel, rosehips, althea, and chamomile. This product cleanses the colon by acting as a laxative and diuretic.

How to Use the Weight Management System

You can use these products separately or together. For best results, Zija recommends following this daily schedule:

• Take SmartMix or XM+ Mix in the morning
• Eat a healthy breakfast before or after performing morning exercise
• Take XMam midway through the morning
• Eat a balanced lunch
• Take SmartMix to stave off afternoon cravings
• 30-60 minutes before dinner, take XMpm
• Before bed, drink Premium Tea

Do Zija Products Work for Weight Loss?

Moringa has not been tested in human weight loss studies.

Green tea and caffeine (XM+ Mix) are proven to stimulate fat burn and increase energy.[1][2]

Cocoa powder (XMam) may burn fat and reduce hunger.

Ashwagandha (XMpm) increases energy, enhances sleep quality, reduces stress, and suppresses cravings.[3] Gymnema sylvestre (XMpm) lowers blood sugar and reduces appetite.[4]

So, Zija products do contain a few proven weight loss ingredients. But it seems that these products mainly work by providing nutrition. For example, they fill you up with nutrients; leaving little room in your stomach for “junk” food.

Customer Reviews

All the reviews I found come from

XM+ Mix received 2.5/5 stars from 8 reviews. Five reviewers gave one star because they were scammed or unsatisfied.

SmartMix has 5/5 stars given by 12 reviewers. People love it and say it works well. They say the only downside is cost.

Premium Tea has 3.4/5 stars from 5 reviews. Three reviewers love the product and gave it 5 stars. But two people said the tea caused diarrhea and digestive issues.

XMam and XMpm don’t have any reviews.

Zija: A Buy or a Bust?

I don’t recommend using the Zija management system. These products don’t contain enough proven weight loss ingredients. I have no idea if safe, effective dosages are used. Legitimate products may be difficult to obtain and the cost is very steep.

Other diet pills also work naturally with the body. But they have more proven ingredients and lower prices. I suggest trying one of these instead of Zija products.


[1] Hursel, R, W Viechtbauer, et al. “The effects of catechin rich teas and caffeine on energy expenditure and fat oxidation: a meta-analysis.” Obesity Research. 12.7 (2011).

[2] Astrup, A, S Toubro, et al. “Caffeine: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of its thermogenic, metabolic, and cardiovascular effects in healthy volunteers.” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 51.5 (1990): 759-767.

[3] Unpublished study, 2005. NutrGenesis, LLC.

[4] Leach, Matthew. “Gymnema sylvestre for Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review.” Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 13.9 (2007): 97-983.

Zija Customer Reviews

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Debbie Says:

As a registered nurse, it contains safe and effective ingredients. It works well for weight loss

May 19, 2015 at 7:19 pm

Tina Ervin Says:

The products were very expensive, did not do what they claimed, and when we returned them, we did not get our money back. I would not recommend anyone try this.

March 25, 2017 at 7:48 am

donisea phillips Says:

All though I lost 3 pounds in the first week this pill makes me sleepy at times I dont know if that is a side affect but I get sleepy every time I take it also my moods are very down sometimes like I just be in a zone all this happens within two hours after taking the pill on the good side it does suppress my appetite I eat a good breakfast at 8am no later than 9am my thing is I dont be hungry until 4 pm and to try to eat a snack in between jus makes me sick to my stomach anyone else with these issues

April 18, 2017 at 4:50 am

Leanne Says:

This is a completely safe, well monitored & consistently processed, great NATURAL product. I am someone who actually looks up all the ingredients for products, there is nothing that compares to how natural Zija’s products are and since it actually makes people feel better & lose weight without drugs, pharma and hormones, your expressed thoughts seem narrow due to your skepticism of MLM vs anyones actual health. Do proper research & don’t guess when sharing your judgements.

July 13, 2017 at 1:26 pm

Patricia pizarro Says:

I have used and still use zija products. My family also uses the products. They WORK. My husband had diabetes. He no longer has to take medication. Firm believers.

May 27, 2018 at 8:11 pm

Daniel Says:

Zija is more interested in the MLM aspect then selling a good product. It’s overpriced and dangerous. The amount of moringa they use is unsafe. Just because something is NATURAL doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Tobacco is natural. Opium is natural. Cancer is natural.

Plus the price is a joke. Avoid the scam. Go to a nutritionist and save money.

July 3, 2018 at 11:44 am

Bethany Says:

Love Zija products! My boyfriends mom has used these products for years and swears by it. She lost so much weight naturally and has better eating habits. I recently gained 22 lbs from switching from 2nd shift to 1st shift and have been working out 3-4 times a day and still could not get my weight back down. My boyfriends mom gave me over $200 worth of products to help me and I already lost 5 lbs in a week and a half, I’ve replaced my morning coffee with the super mix and I have so much more energy and I feel great, the products are filling me with nutrients and antioxidants and vitamins so I’m eating smaller portions (but still able to eat every meal) , and I’m making a lot healthier choices with my eating and having so much energy I’m able to do my workouts efficiently . Very happy with these products. I recommend buying them from an actual distributor rather than eBay or amazon because you never know if it could be a scam, but Zija products really do help and I’m seeing it first hand.

July 9, 2018 at 10:16 am

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