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Kimberly Tenner
November 28, 2019

Zotrim Review


Zotrim uses a 3 ingredient blend of yerba mate, damiana, and guarana. These have been proven to work in conjunction and combination with each other to effectively promote gradual weight loss in the general population. Zotrim’s website encourages combining their supplement with diet and exercise to achieve maximum results. Numerous customer testimonials have also attested to the ease experienced in fitting Zotrim into a busy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, though Zotrim makes reasonable claims, the studies do not even back up those claims. One study showed that when used for one month, Zotrim resulted in a total weight loss of 4-5 pounds, and after a year, the weight lost totaled out at 1 pound. The ingredients included have been proven, but apparently Zotrim does not use enough of each ingredient to achieve the desired results. They post testimonials on the website, but I am hesitant to place any credibility behind these due to the fact that falsifying testimonials is so common in the diet pill industry. They do provide a money back guarantee. But you are required to buy at least 2 bottles before you can even attempt to make this return. You are also required to include a letter as to why you would like to return the product so they can assess if you have a “good reason” for requesting a refund. Being that a “good reason” is a fairly subjective matter, it basically tells me they don’t issue refunds.

Overall Impression of Zotrim:

Zotrim claims they can suppress appetite, burn fat, and fit into a busy lifestyle. While the ingredients at face value do back up these claims, the makers do not include enough quantity of each to follow through. They have a sketchy return policy, and I would not feel comfortable recommending this product.

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